Thursday, October 06, 2011

Corner Window Treatments for the Master Bedroom

 Corner windows are always interesting to design.  They offer a super source of light and often are included because of the architecture of the exterior of the house.  Inside though, they are a source of puzzlement for many homeowners. That's when I am usually called into the scene.

This situation was no different. To add to the fun was the fact that the homeowner had recently purchased one of those super new mattresses that raised her bed so high that none of her bedding fit anymore, and nothing in her search for ready made came close. 

First the windows.  We decided to work with the corner with an asymmetrical design that accents the corner. It also hides the top of the silhouettes that were installed in the windows for light and privacy control.  This design reminds me of a lady's shawl casually, yet elegantly, draped over one shoulder. Just right for the floral fabric and the sage green walls.

Rather than try to configure a bed skirt that would cover the box springs and add a coverlet on top, we opted for a full length bedspread that hangs just to the floor.  The upper edge of the spread was contrast lined so it can be turned back to show a lovely green contrast that coordinates perfectly with the walls.  Completing the ensemble are a few shams and a center lumbar pillow that include several coordinating fabrics.

The dilemmas of the corner windows and the new mattress were both gracefully addressed with design solutions that  are elegant and timeless.  No one would guess that we started with an issue or two--rather than just a singular goal of making a bedroom restful and elegant!

If you have a group of windows that you are finding to be a challenge to cover, give us a call at 678-662-5523. We offer in home appointments and together we will find just the right solution!

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